Flextronics Infiniband Switches

Flextronics InfiniBand Switches, Price / Performance Leadership

Flextronics is a leading global manufacturer and a the market leader in providing Enterprise ready InfiniBand DDR Switches. Flextronics offers a wide breadth of products starting at 8 ports and scaling to a 288 ports, supporting a wide range of applications from small departmental clusters up to mult thousand node clusters in the most highly advanced installations. With InfiniBand switch price points well below those of 10 Gigabit Ethernet and other proprietary interconnects, Flextronics InfiniBand switches enable customers to unleash the power of InfiniBand cost effectively.

InfiniBand "Clusters in a Box"

In addition to Flextronics InfiniBand switches, we also offer complete InfiniBand cluster kits featuring Flextronics InfiniBand 4X DDR Switches and Mellanox Technologies InfiniBand 4X DDR HCA products. Standard offerings include an 8 Port SDR kit and a 24 port DDR kit. These kits include an InfiniBand Switch, all the required InfiniBand Host Channel Adapters and InfiniBand cables necessary to build a cluster. Custom cluster kits can be configured to specific requirements. 

8 Port SDR Cluster Kit Product Brief

24 Port DDR Cluster Kit Product Brief

8 Port InfiniBand SDR
Switch in 1U
Form Factor
24 Port InfiniBand DDR
Swith in 1 UForm Factor

Industry Proven Solutions

The proliferation of the InfiniBand architecture in High Performance Computing is staggering as evidenced in the latest Top 500 list of the world's fastest computers. The Flextronics InfiniBand DDR switches are well represented in the Top 500 list as a result of thier outstanding performance, high quality, and an extremely aggressive cost per port.

Download Intro to Building an IB Cluster

Check out the latest InfiniBand tutorial on building an InfiniBand Cluster. This is a step by step tutorial on building a high performance InfiniBand Linux cluster from the ground up. This tutorial is chock full of information in the physical installation and cabling as well as loading the OFED stack, diagnosing the cluster for problems and stability issues and finally tuning the cluster for maximum performance. This is a must read for anyone building their first InfiniBand cluster

Download Tutorial


IBSwitches.com is located in Silicon Valley and serves as the exclusive U.S. representative for Flextronics InfiniBand switches. Call us for pricing and availability of existing Flextronics InfiniBand Switch products. Our goal is to bring InfiniBand to HPC and  Data Center customers at cost effective price points

Download Product Briefs
Firmware and Datasheets
144 Port InfiniBand DDR
Switch in 10U
288 Port InfiniBand DDR
Switch in 14.5U
Flextronics DDR InifiBand
Switch Family


Lowest Cost Per Port
Proven DDR Technology
Industry Leading Bandwidth
Based on Mellanox Switch
Ultra low latency

Key Features..........................

Fully redundant Power and colling configurations
1 Year warranty with optional extended warranty support
100% compatiable with all SDR and DDR InifiniBand HCA's